Saturday, January 2, 2010

first pages!

Hidden amongst the first page is the quote "Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue, realize the strength, move on." Henry Rollins. I came across a scrap of paper I had jotted that on this morning!

Journal Making Journey!

Spent a wonderful day making a new handbound journal for visual journaling with my ever inspiring friend Dayna of Alley Art Studio, and my lovely and talented friend Destree, I will be taking Dayna's class to make another journal later in the month, but grabbed the opportunity to make another one as I've been whizzing through my pages and anticipate that The Walking in this World class will help keep me inspired as will our Orange Dream Monkeys gathering once a month at the Alley Art Studio. There was much laughter and creativity flowing and it was great to spend the day amongst good friends and covered in paint and inks - what I love best! It was a long, full, fulfilling day and I should be contemplating sleep so I'll keep this short. I'll blog my completed pages (1 1/2 page spreads) separately. The New Year is off to a great start!
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Friday, January 1, 2010

fun with molding paste and acrylics, my personal photography, vintage text and lots and lots of texture!
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Text reads: I used to run with them and had great fun/ Everyone may not know what breaking in is.

Good Morning, Happy New Year! What a brilliant way to bring forth a new decade, with a partial eclipse and a blue moon, thank you moon for doing such great work!
I woke up this morning feeling full of, and loving, life!
I have so much to be grateful for, and I accidentally happened upon my resolutions for last year and discovered that I accomplished 9 0f my 12 goals for 2009.

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I feel free... something inside me has lifted and some of those things that mattered immensely once, not so long ago, are no longer of great consequence.
I have gone through so many changes in the last couple of years...
Let go of some of my security, taken a few risks...
It's worked out pretty well.
Lets continue this trend into the new year...

Monday, December 28, 2009

art 12-28-09

Getting a journal ready to do my morning pages in, to me this feels like a teenage expression, I almost painted back over it but then thought, nah... it's okay to embrace my inner teenager, who by the way has a rockin' mohawk. This was a plain blank journal that I started in 2008 and abandoned as I so often do... hopefully doing Dayna's Artist Way: Walking in this World class will help me get and stay inspired with my writing as well as other forms of artistic expression.

This was my other creation of the evening, I like this one better, it's not finished yet though I have a feeling - vintage thesaurus page with paint and ink. Might have to add some gold...

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/I couldn't be there for your birth,/

/I hadn't been thought of,/

/or even considered,/

/someday I would be the momentary/

/disappointment, just another girl.../


/“Girls” they always said, /

/the phrase I remember most /

/from childhood, /

/when did we become separate?/

/When did we become




/A thousand miles between us,/

/once that didn't even matter,/

/as I spent a thousand Saturdays/

/tied to the phone cord, /

/afraid to move/

/trying to make you laugh,/

/trying to make you see/

/that it was worth living.../

/when you were /

/visiting ghosts, /

/cliff diving into /

/the past, again and again and again/

/I was there to catch you/

/as you fell,/

/though sometimes I buckled /

/beneath the weight\/

/of shared memory/


/There was never anywhere/

/I would have rather been,/

/than there with you,/

/we were conjoined/

/as surely as twins,/

/although I wouldn't celebrate/

/your birthday for 2 more years.../


/Once you spent a million Sundays /

/trying to keep me from the razors edge,/

/from the deep end of the ocean,/

/from the call of my ribs, my bones, beautiful/

/beneath the skin, so close then,/

/to the surface,/

/You spent your youth,/

/trying to fix, what it took half a lifetime,/

/to break/

/Though your fingers bled/


/from all that stitching/

/and no thimble to save you/

/and you wrote poems/

/in the blood.../

/always resourceful,/

/we were raised like pioneers./


written for my sister on her birthday. 12/19/09.