Wednesday, April 22, 2009


What brings me joy was the question... when my son gives me a play by play about his day as a freshman in high school, when I hit the creative groove, a good hug, a well written line, a word used unexpectedly (in speech) and in context that is antiquated in our time of shortcuts and slang. A really great cup of coffee, even if I'm drinking it alone as I am now - ahhh - french press... a flower growing in a sidewalk crack and other unexpected shows of beauty... people, I love people, love to watch them, see the expressions that cross their faces - even in sorrow... it's all right there bringing us together if we just look. my family, when my mom and my sister and i are together it just feels right as seldom as that happens anymore. Paint, art supplies, a blank canvas that starts to fill... books, finding a great bargain, friends, a page waiting to be filled, when the product matches the expectation, a great photograph, mine or others... a touch that stirs, a look that inspires, inspiration... muses, being a muse... Joy is everywhere... and yet why not spend every moment in it - I suppose that's what's special about it... it's still rare, fleeting.