Monday, December 28, 2009

art 12-28-09

Getting a journal ready to do my morning pages in, to me this feels like a teenage expression, I almost painted back over it but then thought, nah... it's okay to embrace my inner teenager, who by the way has a rockin' mohawk. This was a plain blank journal that I started in 2008 and abandoned as I so often do... hopefully doing Dayna's Artist Way: Walking in this World class will help me get and stay inspired with my writing as well as other forms of artistic expression.

This was my other creation of the evening, I like this one better, it's not finished yet though I have a feeling - vintage thesaurus page with paint and ink. Might have to add some gold...

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6p00d83451a3d869e2 said...

I love the top piece that says Live More . . . The colors are beautiful and the message even more so.

Dayna Collins said...

Ohhhh, altered books make such awesome journals - such a sense of history beneath the thin layer of praying/thinking/calling out for one more person for our Walking in This World class. I haven't received a check from our fifth person, so I hope she is still planning on joining us (deadline is the 30th).