Saturday, January 30, 2010

I am off to do a photo shoot in a couple of ours, okay 2.75 hours in case anyone is counting. I'm so excited, as I pack up clothing and props in case they want to play :) I have guns and doll heads and skulls and pearls and black velvet and real vintage fur as well as a big old fake fur coat... I have the lights - I even packed up fruit as an offering. I feel super charged and wish we could get going earlier. then this afternoon Damian is getting his hair cut so it's a full and busy and exciting day!


Anonymous said...

Shelby, We had so much fun at our photo shoot! Your props were playful and sexy. You really captured the true essence of our being. We didn't want you to leave...Can't wait to see the pictures. Thanks for a fun day and sharing our laughter.
Hope to see you Wednesday.
Thanks again!

Dawn and Lynne

RonGav said...

Be sure to post the results of your shoot..