Thursday, May 28, 2009


Last night I dreamt that I joined a church choir, I was excited because they had given me a bible with a red velvet cover with opulent decorations on it and although I am not religious, I was drawn in by the generosity and the cover of this beautiful book. When I got to the choir to sing they wouldn't give me the words to the songs, I talked to the choir teacher and she said, it will sound better if you just mouth the words. What struck me most was the intensity of my emotions.


Dayna Collins said...

I'm wondering what emotions you experienced . . . as for mouthing the words, isn't that what everyone does?

Destree said...

Has religion been a recurring theme for you lately? As for what Dayna said: yes, everyone is mouthing the words. It's all a recording of one choir that does everyone else's music.