Friday, May 8, 2009


Last night we decorated cloth dolls in Artful Play with Dayna, at first I was skeptical - they were cute. How do I make this me? How do I make this my art? But by the time I was done crowning her with roses and leaves, gluing together a cocktail dress and binding her hands behind her back I felt like I had made something that represented me on some level. I will work on photographing all of my projects and posting here but for now my post shows another of Dayna's pictures...
"Everything is a self portrait"
Chuck Pahliniuk


Dayna Collins said...

Shelby, I'm glad you were able to create a doll that had meaning for you and not just something "cute." Gotta agree with Chuck: "Everything is a self portrait."

Anonymous said...

picasso wrote "every painting is a self portrait."